Stunning 360 Immersive Video;Immersion in Music;Circus 360 Live Theater

Bringing you the World’s Most Spectacular & Immersive Live Video Fulldome Shows!

High Energy Fulldome Show Thrills
Celebrating Artistic Genius
a Totally Different Experience

Let’s bring Absolute Hollywood’s Immersive Live Interactive Video Fulldome Show, featuring the 360 Immersive Circus, to your next Corporate Event. It’s time to leave the 2-Dimensional entertainment world behind and Immerse your guest in 360 Fulldome Show Immersion that only Absolute Hollywood brings to the world of entertainment.

This Spectacular Live Fulldome Show Circus 360 is Now Available Anywhere on the Planet

Video Fulldome Show Domes with Performances by the Master of Theater

Absolute Hollywood has teamed up with Director Marc Brouard, of Phoenix Creative, who is a global leader in exhilarating global theater performance, to bring their extraordinary productions into the 360-immersive dome environment creating the next generation in live entertainment. Together we will produce an event to meet your needs, budget and location, from 50 guest to thousands of guests. Contact us now.

360 Video Fulldome Show Featuring Circus 360

Scalable from Shows to Thrill 50 to 5,000 Guest in our Immersive Video Fulldome Show Venues

This Video Fulldome Show Spectacular has been specially created as a modular show which can be modified to fit with any given location, country and budget. We can scale the show to accommodate dome venues from 60 feet to 200 feet in diameter, or guest from 50 to 5,000

360 Video Fulldome Show Featuring Circus 360

This Spectacular Live 360 Video Fulldome Show is available around the world to be performed in portable video domes by Absolute Hollywood. This stunning show, Circus-360, is a high energy and spectacular performance incorporating all the facets of light: Fire, LED, Laser, Candle, Projection, Stage Lighting, Black Light… A show to be enjoyed by everyone with fabulous music, stunning costumes, dynamic acrobatics, live percussion and so much more

Fulldome Show Circus-360 Live Theater Interactive Branding Jaguar
Fulldome Show Circus-360 Live Theater Interactive Branding Jaguar


Custom LED Show Branding Can be Created in Many Styles to Promote Your Brand or Theme

The Phoenix Creative & Absolute Hollywood 360 Immersive Fulldome Show Benefits

  • Quality Entertainment, at All Levels
  • Dedication to a Perfect Show, Inspiring Performance
  • Combination of Show Acts, Making the Whole Performance More Interesting
  • Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Choreography as Opposed to Freestyle
  • Amazing Costumes, Artists, Props, Music, Effects
  • Top Artists from Around the Planet
  • Customization Possible and Creative Options Available
  • Shows Adjusted to Audience Mix and Cultural Sensitives
  • Perfect Fusion of Show, Technics, Special Effects
  • Sensory Immersion with 360 Video, Laser, Lighting and Music
  • Dome Venues Available from Small to Uber Large
  • Global Availability at Your Choice of Property or Location


Video Fulldome Show Live Theater 360 with VJ
Video Fulldome Show Live Theater 360 with VJ

360 Video Fulldome Show Gallery
Featuring Circus 360
Celebrating Artistic Genius

How We Produce Full Dome Show Video for Total Immersion

We use multiple-projector fulldome show video systems and projectors that are edge-blended to create a seamless image that covers the dome projection surface; splitting the entire image up into segments allows for higher-resolution imagery and projector placement that does not intrude on the viewing area underneath the dome.