In 1999 Absolute Hollywood Launched the Immersive 360 Video Projection Dome Revolution with the Pioneering Creation of the World’s First Portable Projection Dome

Absolute Hollywood’s Launched a new Industry with Pioneering Original Creations to Develop, Create and Deploy New Immersive Entertainment Venues, Productions, Technologies and Solutions to Bring 360 Video Immersions and Experiences to the World with the Introduction of the StratoSphere.

Absolute HollywoodCreated the World’s First Portable Video Projection Dometo Bring Immersive 360 Video Experiences to Guest Around the World!

We dreamed it, we designed it, we built it and the world came. Portable video domes began at Absolute Hollywood and the passion burns as bright as it did in 1999 when we launched the industry. Let’s make it happen!

100% of the Pioneering Air Membrane Designs on our Website are Original Designs Created, Produced and Deployed by Absolute Hollywood

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